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Office furniture distributor COE is known for its fabulous selection of office furniture. Quick and affordable.
(800) 388-8202 Jennifer Pletcher x 246 

fluid concepts

The essence of fluid concepts is providing unique design-driven, contemporary furnishings for the workplace.
(866) 933-5258 Paula Chang x267 |


Nxtwall demountable wall systems are ideal for business, government, and education. Collaboration areas as well as conference rooms and private offices.
(269) 488-2752 Tim Gunter |

Sitmatic Logo

By designing and manufacturing its own major components, Sitmatic achieves cohesive design vision as well as engineering integrity. In the seating industry, integration to this extent is rare. Due to a highly trained workforce, using cellular manufacturing process, product can be easily customized to exactly match client's needs. Manufacturing occurs in 48,000 square feet in Fullerton, California. Capacity exceeds 3,000 chairs per month.

Zones Logo

We look for natural spaces to get work done, either by ourselves or with someone else. Dozens of articles discuss the challenges of the open office. Layer those challenges with the strategic need for space to support agile teams and simplified user experiences, and not just any solution will do. Zonez can help. Designed in the USA. Built in the USA. Backed up for 10 years. Shipped to you in 3-4 weeks. 616-990-2965 - Doug Gregory


8803 NW 23rd. St Doral FI 33172 

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